20 Goals Only Hakim Ziyech Can Score !
▶ 20 Goals Only Hakim Ziyech Can Score !
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▶ Best Goals & Skills
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    • Radwan Moussa Elmi
      Radwan Moussa Elmi

      We like help you sir, you're a good youtuber but I would also like to make us a video of Andreas Christensen. maybe people will trust him.

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      MOMO 13

      What's the second song called.

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      Baljka Baljka

      What a second song?

    • Ant Dem
      Ant Dem

      Sam Rogers pistol by brandon thakid

    • Ant Dem
      Ant Dem

      Unleash Studios pistol by brandon thakid

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    Luca Leopoldo

    This tune needs to be on more videos

  • Heru Kurnianto
    Heru Kurnianto

    Caballero Azpi Rudiger Tomori James Jorginho Kovacic Alonso Ziyech Giroud Pulisic

  • とまと

    Second song's name pleasem(_ _)m

  • mabast 05
    mabast 05

    Why chelsea wants to sign juan musso?

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    your other vid got taken down?

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    Osaid Ishkier

    Great work 💙 I wanna ask you what is the name of second half of the music in Hudson Oddi video ?

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    Elijah Mwangi

    Come fire them Hakim Ziyech. We need you more!!!

  • Radwan Moussa Elmi
    Radwan Moussa Elmi

    you are a good creator, I would also like to make us a video of Andreas Christensen. maybe people will trust him.

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    I need name a song please 🥺🥺

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    Whats the song in hudson odios highlight not the new one the one you deleted

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    Anrez Scorpio

    I think, chelsea should buy OMAR ABDULRAHMAN too..

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    Curtis Harrington

    Song? And great video

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    dah ga sabar liat do'i menari² dilapangan dengan seragam biru,,moga musim depan Chelsea lebih konsisten,, 💙💙💙

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    Talk MOH

    Song 2:43 ?!!

  • MDClean Jasa Sedot Tungau dan Debu
    MDClean Jasa Sedot Tungau dan Debu

    Too skinny, no speed! Wrong signing

  • Onuwa Aniugo
    Onuwa Aniugo

    He would end up in Madrid like Hazard after some years

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    Kshitiz Karki

    Great signing for us!

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    The wizard 🧙‍♂️🔴🔵

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    Welcome to de bridge LEGEND

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    Abdul Ismail

    He's gonna flop at Chelsea. Can't wait to see this failure of a transfer. We shall see next season . I can't wait to laugh at Chelsea fans. Lol

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    Arif Darmawan

    His playstyle kinda like Riyadh Mahrez

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    Last Second

    His left foot is just magic and thank you for this beautiful video

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    Bro what’s the songs in this video

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    whats the name of the last song?

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    matyo Asturi

    Chelsea will rise again...best effort from lampard.

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    Prasmit Biswas

    He is a mixture of Zlatan and Sneijder. Exciting prospect.

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    Stefan Nicholson

    Yes he's good. But can we please wait till he has arrived.

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    Sera Yunarizal

    Frankie wants his former teammate to play, Arjen

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    Waste Of time

    This guy is monster Can't believe we've got him Welcome magician to Stamford bridge

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    Only ziyech can score ahhahahahahahaha

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    Van Hau 🇻🇳🇻🇳❤❤!!

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    Abduljalil Idrissi

    You didn't see his goals with twente .. he was insane

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    Rich People

    TOP skills, goals and assist of HAKIM ZIYECH frsoft.info/hd/video/0snf3ayusOBonZs

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    dimitri Destin

    Can't wait for him next season

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    Cat thomas

    Oh my goodness so many miles brtter than Zaha xD it would be absolutely magical if they got sancho on the other wing, what a partnership

  • jaaprive

    First song is from Brandon ThaKidd - Pistol Ziyech je bent een wereldklasse speler veel succes daar!

  • Dan Cater
    Dan Cater

    Should rename "20 reasons not to watch Eredivisie standard football" I really hope this guy isn't a flop but so far seen sod all to tell me otherwise

    • Fourty Goat
      Fourty Goat

      Search for this ‘´ Ziyech dominating UCL “ click and watch how good he was against Rmadrid/Bayern Munich/Juve/Chelsea... suarez /De jong / de ligt/ and a lot of players that have played for ajax

  • Matija Rasic
    Matija Rasic

    Messi can score that

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    Unknown Human

    Ziyech is an absolute world class talent!

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    shnakey shnake

    Most underrated player in the world

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    Welcome!!!🔥💙🤘acc hyped af

  • Unknown Human
    Unknown Human

    I think he is the bargain of the year considering his talent😍😭 Oh and I wish the bet of luck at Chelsea 💙💙

  • Unknown Human
    Unknown Human

    I think he is the bargain of the year considering his talent😍😭 Oh and I wish the bet of luck at Chelsea 💙💙

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    Igbogbo Olise

    What's the name of the background song?

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    Cameron Meloy

    Did he sign for Chelsea

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    Jan Ouwe

    Make a video of his assists u will see his true qualities

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    Amir khan

    Music the video please ??

    • F. Lampard
      F. Lampard

      frsoft.info/hd/video/zNuXyLSBr76eaIE First song

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    bisyri samsuri

    Deadly left foot 🔥

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    Aayush Khatiwada

    Song name please!! The first one

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    What is this song?

    • F. Lampard
      F. Lampard

      First song frsoft.info/hd/video/zNuXyLSBr76eaIE

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    Blues bhi lykk😎😎😎😎😋💙💙💙💙

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  • rio maratua
    rio maratua