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Welcome to my new ASMR video! This video includes soft and slower triggers including: some personal attention, tapping, slow mouth sounds, slow whispers, soft crinkles, wood sounds, brushing your face, drawing on your face. Click the bell to have notifications, like & subscribe, it would make my DAY!
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  • Ckarlos Tumba
    Ckarlos Tumba


  • Ckarlos Tumba
    Ckarlos Tumba

    bruh when she started blowing the fire on the mic i was like this gir boutta buen her setup down😭

  • Gwen Statz
    Gwen Statz

    Face touching video 🥰

  • Nathan BG Young
    Nathan BG Young

    *wakes up* *gets ready for school* *glow posts* "Hey mom im sick"

  • makumi kamwaro
    makumi kamwaro

    I Really Love This Channel FR.

  • Sachi Rae White
    Sachi Rae White

    I’m so sad all the nice mattress companies never do them for single beds so I’m stuck with this hold spring mattress for more years

  • Anthony Jackson II
    Anthony Jackson II

    the little noise you hear from fire when you blow on it is like thunder

  • jago9091

    I always chuckle when you do the shh-yoops haha

  • Edward Jam
    Edward Jam

    I feel this girl should have a Spanish accent.

  • Frost2Neat

    Who else seeing this video thought of frivolous fox witch also had a sponsor by helix

  • Tyler Johnson
    Tyler Johnson

    This is might sound weird, but I'm glad you brought Helix to my attention. I sleep on my side as well, and I feel great every morning.

  • Rishi Manubhai
    Rishi Manubhai


  • Anthony DeFranco
    Anthony DeFranco

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="198">3:18</a> Nah I’m just jealous of your skin colour, white skin ain’t as fun as it sounds, it’s pretty plain. Your skin colour is lovely

  • Kingstoler -
    Kingstoler -

    Frigging gorgeous 😍

  • tide pods
    tide pods

    is it normal to have... fluffy ears?

  • Gwen Statz
    Gwen Statz

    Face touching 🙌🏼

  • Snowy

    mouthsounds, plastic and wooden sounds 🥰❤️❤️ make me sooo sleepy

  • I like it / do you?
    I like it / do you?

    Where is she from

  • Piano na Prática - Oficial
    Piano na Prática - Oficial

    look at the most cute face ever. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="668">11:08</a>. can I hug you?

  • Jacob Kleinsasser
    Jacob Kleinsasser

    ... The opening... I dated a girl who once went to bed normally, but woke up with her feet on the pillow and her head under the covers... I still don't know how she accomplished that.

  • _laura.k._

    You look like such a Ravenclaw 😂😂 not only because of the sweater

  • Daniel Brockman
    Daniel Brockman

    Mmmmm are you a happy meal? Cause i’m loving this🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Marco Polo
    Marco Polo

    So happy you make these videos 😀 Thank you so much 😊☺️

  • FinesseTV

    @ASMR Glow - Just FYI, the best way to light anything with matches (Especially candles) is to turn the candle instead of the match. AKA turn the candle almost upside down, it won't burn your hand, and it will burn the match slower!

  • AceWolf Poker
    AceWolf Poker

    this is one of the best asmr videos ever

  • Mikayla games
    Mikayla games

    I'm over tired and i thought she was charli demilio (i cant spell)

  • kevin north
    kevin north

    I am telling myself her bed is queen size

  • Keane Smith
    Keane Smith

    I don't get a sore body but the bigger the bed the better I sleep like a animal

  • Anonymous Aelin
    Anonymous Aelin

    Glow: I'm really happy when you tell me guys that I help you fall asleep Me: *Literally watching at 2 am after gettibg scared af bcs I thought a spider was in my bed* Oh you do

  • Jeff W
    Jeff W

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="594">9:54</a> Anyone else sniffing their screen and not getting any scent, or am I the only one? Think my screen is broken.

  • Lilly Kate Seay
    Lilly Kate Seay

    Does anyone else think that she kinda looks like Christen Press or is that just me Prob just me

  • JayCR

    i was looking for ASMR to wake up but this'll do

  • kit lehh
    kit lehh

    She looks like charli D’amelio

  • Brooke Schmugar
    Brooke Schmugar

    I love the match blowing! it actually sounds really good!

  • Jay Tsosie
    Jay Tsosie

    ...wait camera in the bedroom?

    • Abbie Louise
      Abbie Louise

      Jay Tsosie 👀👀👀👀

  • PeachyPinkParadise

    Hello, gorgeous. Yes, you, scrolling in the comments. I just wanted to give you a few reminders: Have you brushed your teeth? Done your homework? Are you in your pj's? All the lights off? Is your phone charging? Is autoplay off? Did you do your skincare/shower? Fantastic. Sleep well, darling ♥️✨

  • lily Kenny
    lily Kenny

    Is it just me who actually watched through the sponsor because her voice is so calming-

  • Alpha Delta
    Alpha Delta

    Just going Shhhhh Shhhhh Is the best 😌😌😌

  • The Jackal
    The Jackal

    I'm're an angel

  • Ирина Василик
    Ирина Василик

    Вы очень красивая)

  • Nathaniel Corbin
    Nathaniel Corbin

    I love mouth sounds, but glow has so much amazing content that is somewhat overlooked.

  • Luke's ASMR
    Luke's ASMR

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="69">1:09</a>

    • Luke's ASMR
      Luke's ASMR

      Thank you :)))

  • J. Gant
    J. Gant

    I love love love those small smiles you give to the camera sometimes. They're so reassuring, and I always find myself smiling back.

  • Millie Huggies
    Millie Huggies

    you should do a match playing video. i love that sound

  • Scott Sims
    Scott Sims

    I must say, I love the theme of this video! I’m uncertain of what it is, to me it’s like a snowy winter. Whatever it is 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻.

  • Mariana Guzman garcia
    Mariana Guzman garcia

    Is anyone going to finally say how pretty her hands are? 😨

  • Gerard Gallagher
    Gerard Gallagher

    You have the most relaxing voice 😴 one of my favourite Asmrtists ☺️

  • Chey

    I have fallen asleep to this video every night since you posted it. These types if videos are beautiful, just like you. I appreciate the effort and sounds. ily ❤

  • xxfatesnipesxx

    Me when watching- 😴 Me as soon as I turn off- 😳

  • Eliya_atln

    Les français wesh ?! 💉

  • Sueda Karadeniz
    Sueda Karadeniz

    Imagine seeing her in the street and being like +(whisper)hiiiiii - (normal voice) Hi +😱how could u

  • Jazmin Pech
    Jazmin Pech

    Glow: I’m just going to put this neck scarf on you Me: oh no thank you I get very hot while sleeping Glow: *puts it on* there you go

  • C_Will_B

    Can you do a whole echoes video

  • Christian Simonsen
    Christian Simonsen

    Your make-up is always super on fleek. You look amazing as always Glow

  • Arnoldo Contreras Rivera
    Arnoldo Contreras Rivera

    Out here being hunted 🦅😁

  • sagar sonawane
    sagar sonawane

    totatlly insane ASMR

  • Erdna

    The way you said this <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="839">13:59</a> I love it!

  • Abby

    No one else will say it but I’ve been thinking if this for months now and I can’t shake it... Charli Damelio looks a lot like Glow it’s kinda of crazy to me 😂 DON’T ATTACK ME FOR THIS PLEASE. I just think they look a lot a like idk why

    • rexyiez


  • M e h .
    M e h .

    W h y. D o. Y o u. L o o k. L I k e. C h a r l I. D A m e l I o.

  • Sepehr Rami
    Sepehr Rami

    Can you please do a video rubbing your feet

  • Cory Bernieri
    Cory Bernieri

    I’m visiting Helix right now. Gonna try out some stuff ty for the heads up and the promo code

  • Brad Hiebert
    Brad Hiebert

    I love your whispering. You have the most gorgeous smile and sexy facial expressions. Awesome videos.

  • hulksmash242

    Love how u r so real during your videos

  • Just freaking peachy
    Just freaking peachy

    I love your videos!! You should do a princess jasmine roleplay! Thanks for the video! 😊

  • Amity ASMR
    Amity ASMR

    Fell asleep after 2 minutes, woke up 2 hours later 😅😍

  • Spectr3x

    Watching ASMR "for sleep" in the afternoon lol XD

  • Sir Nigel III
    Sir Nigel III

    You can continue

  • Sir Nigel III
    Sir Nigel III

    Hahaha sorry sorry

  • Vanessa Grégoire
    Vanessa Grégoire

    I love the mouth sounds and the countdown is my favorite.🥰

  • Guilherme Ribeiro
    Guilherme Ribeiro

    Próximo ano bissexto, em 2024. (29/02/2020-29/02/2020) (2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 e 2024.

  • Moon L1ght
    Moon L1ght

    charli d'amelio does asmr?

  • Zodiac_Cookie6472

    did anyone else get scared that the fluffy microphone was going to catch fire when she put the match so close?

  • Zacman1123

    Soft blows and tongue clicks were my favorite.

  • adamANDthegirls

    Can u add more of these to Apple Music ?!

  • Lillian Wallis
    Lillian Wallis

    You should do a video of just sl words, ex: sleep and slow

  • Im a real bitch I cant fake shit
    Im a real bitch I cant fake shit

    Voo ya boo ya

  • N Ren
    N Ren

    Star Wars! 😃 your my new fav.

  • Wendy’s Joy
    Wendy’s Joy

    Omg you’re so PRETTY 🥺❤️

  • Kristen O
    Kristen O

    *video of you saying slow pleasee*

  • Kristen O
    Kristen O

    “We know it’s quite cold outside” *Chuckles in 80F*

    • Amethyst_Cosplays

      Kristen O YAS