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  • J. S.
    J. S.

    Fell asleep asap to this 3x now, really good asmr

  • Jay Walter
    Jay Walter

    U seem like you would know spells

  • Evan Pitchford
    Evan Pitchford

    Already have audible sadly but I canceled my sub to save some money because I was just waiting for one book series to keep posting. Now I have a new book series I’m listening to while still waiting for the first.

  • Kylethefish

    I just started Horus Rising for the Warhammer universe

  • Stephen Holland
    Stephen Holland

    Sometimes watching ASMR I think what am I doing with my life. Then I fall asleep 😴

  • Courtney Gillespie
    Courtney Gillespie

    I wish my hair was that color 😉

  • Brianna Dawson
    Brianna Dawson

    What eyeshadow did you use for this look? It’s STUNNING! 😍💗

    • J. S.
      J. S.

      Ohhh I wanna know too 😍

  • David the white ball
    David the white ball

    I don't know why but I'm going to look for simps that are probably not here

  • Lynnea

    wtf Glow said "don't yawn" and I yawned! black magic...

  • Phone Guy or William Afton
    Phone Guy or William Afton

    IM THE 500th DISLIKE! :D

  • CatsInTheBelfry

    youtube ads need to start using asmr, I'd never skip an ad again xD

  • treeduck

    I like this one.

  • Little Demon
    Little Demon

    When I listen to asmr I think about it in a mean way. Me: "Yeah, I know you worked hard into your content but it put me to sleep!"

  • Ecktuhr Ryn
    Ecktuhr Ryn

    that fed up "why am i here" look im getting has me.

  • Dancing _ Panda
    Dancing _ Panda

    Your makeup is absolutely gorgeous ❤️

  • Jawad Singh
    Jawad Singh

    I thought you said The worst largest audible collections

  • Alexander Warlow
    Alexander Warlow

    Also hi everyone in the comments section. It’s been bugging me this whole video. I have no idea what colour that wall behind her is. Green? Brown? My colourblindness is screwing me again.

  • SlyWintaNinja

    Be safe out here everyone and may we all get through anything life throws at us.

  • Alexander Warlow
    Alexander Warlow

    What’s the catch. I mean there has to be a catch!! 1. Stunning 2. Cute yawns 3. Great at ASMR 4. Well known FRsoftr/ASMRtist 5. Get the bread from audible ads that everyone enjoys Seriously!!! Ease my mind and tell me a flaw!!!!! Actually don’t. I don’t want to lose my whole-hearted awe that I have in you. ❤️

  • Alyse Britaina
    Alyse Britaina

    Your makeup is always flawlessssss 😍 I’m so jealous every time I watch one of your vids but your personality is also amazing! So genuinely kind, funny and happy. Thank you for helping me relax while being perfect 💕

    • ASMR Glow
      ASMR Glow

      aw thank you so much!!!

  • Bud Spencer
    Bud Spencer

    Audible just one book in a month ? :0 to less

  • Eqdezvidz

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="198">3:18</a> I could hear her say black and gold forever

  • vinasu maaj
    vinasu maaj

    Am I the only one who saw 🙄 when she said exercising at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="74">1:14</a> like what

  • Kolta18

    Qu'est-ce que deux portugaise à quatre pattes? Une mygale

  • Alix Tavernier
    Alix Tavernier

    Ton maquillage est juste magnifique... j’adore

  • Review& Chill
    Review& Chill

    You have one of the more breathy beautiful voices that are really hard to come by in ASMR! New Favorite!!!!

    • vinasu maaj
      vinasu maaj

      Very tingly video😴

  • Арнольд Пирожков
    Арнольд Пирожков

    Что-то по-русски никто не пишет?

  • Eden Hamster
    Eden Hamster

    I thought I was immune to tingles... now I’m not!

  • Mahdi Nekounam
    Mahdi Nekounam

    Love your whispering. Do more of that please ❤️

  • Wicked World
    Wicked World

    You are absolutely gorgeous

  • RJ Simerly
    RJ Simerly

    You look like Mia from the Fast and Furious franchise lol

  • Alex K
    Alex K

    I like to think your triggers are subtle so anyway you might have already heard but there's about the coronavirus COVID-19 so here's the thing Salt just like shampoo or shower gel mix some in there if you have too, bath in Salt too it's Sodium Chloride has major health benefits for balancing the the body but the Nervous system electrolyte pathways are charged..😁🌹

  • Nameless


  • Zoe Yeung
    Zoe Yeung

    I got tingles all over my back in the audible part gawd

  • 宇宙飛行士

    I love your face! I'd like to see you.

  • Jacob Hiatt
    Jacob Hiatt

    Subscribers: you look beautiful Kids response: SIMP! Me: ah look a new meme for kids for milk.

  • Anita D
    Anita D

    Hi , I love your videos. I am very much into ASMR and want to make my channel for the little ones. I have just created my first video. I would truly appreciate if you could take a look at it and let me know what your thoughts are. Any tips or advice appreciated ❤️❤️❤️

  • Rafael Jingles
    Rafael Jingles


  • WarriorHD

    You made me pass out at like 10! Damn Son last time I slept at 10 was 3 years ago...

  • soniyu ziuy
    soniyu ziuy

    Who else thinks she’s gorgeous 🤩❤️

  • Hi Lady
    Hi Lady

    Very tingly video😴

  • Crystal Writter
    Crystal Writter

    I love her Audible ads :O Same with Gibi's

  • Trisha Brisbois
    Trisha Brisbois

    I tried so hard to not laugh LUL smile sounds and growling tummy

    • soniyu ziuy
      soniyu ziuy

      פאק איזה שווה

  • Tony Xu
    Tony Xu

    I like your makeup today.

  • Autiqez 999
    Autiqez 999

    how can a person be that good at asmr and even more beautiful

    • David the white ball
      David the white ball

      I have nothing else to do with my life Look a simp

  • K P
    K P

    Can you please make an asmr video wearing jeans and an unbuckled leather belt in the loops. You can scratch or rub the jeans for denim sounds and as you do the belt buckle will also make sounds, it’s very tingly and relaxing to listen to 😌

  • Hunter

    Day 12 of Shrek roleplay request

  • Devrim Duran
    Devrim Duran

    It’s like she’s about to start talking. The whole way through 😂

  • picka 331
    picka 331

    Love this kind of good stuff

  • Just4fun69

    You can listen to Audibal even if you're just setting around being absolutely gorgeous like you, right??

  • Sevak Virk
    Sevak Virk

    She protecc, She attacc But most importantly, She get my sleep schedule back on tracc

  • Cassidy Hutton
    Cassidy Hutton

    Your makeup is always amazing but you don't need it. You are perfect without it.

  • hola como va
    hola como va


  • omar amdan
    omar amdan

    Ty for everything ❤️

  • Kitten Paw
    Kitten Paw

    Imagine someone this close and their breathe stinks.

    • What's kraken?
      What's kraken?

      I would rather not

  • •Giulia• Carlucci
    •Giulia• Carlucci


  • Nocturnal Ape
    Nocturnal Ape

    Day 55 of asking Glow to do a Padme Amidala roleplay.

  • Senior

    פאק איזה שווה

  • Sergio Muñoz
    Sergio Muñoz

    Plese ear clening 3dio!!!

  • DelicateSwiftie

    I hate mouth sounds, but in ASMR they give me the most tingles...

  • foopyu nooui
    foopyu nooui

    Stomach sounds be like "we want in on this ASMR action too"

  • lk2001mk

    When you read the comments to see what You’re missing because you forgot your headphones. 🤓🥺

  • lk2001mk

    With handmovements next time please 😍🙈

  • Kewin Kalleu Salmo 91
    Kewin Kalleu Salmo 91

    May my encounter with the girl of my dreams be special #asmr #glow, may my encounter with the girl of my dreams be special.❤👼

    • foopyu nooui
      foopyu nooui


  • Madisyn Buckley
    Madisyn Buckley

    Is it just me who thinks she could be talisa tossel in discise

  • Mihail Alexandrov
    Mihail Alexandrov

    Please for dear god of the tingles do all of this in French

  • Home TV
    Home TV

    I really like the way ASMR artists do ads.

  • Tuğay Kərim
    Tuğay Kərim

    Sing me something beautiful

  • Joshua Rocca
    Joshua Rocca

    I really like you do you have a boyfriend ? Lol

  • Aadit Tilak
    Aadit Tilak

    You ever wanna just keep on watchinggg the video but you're too darn sleepy but do it anyw*yaaaawn* 😴

  • CandyCrusherKing

    For some reason when you make sounds into the mic my ears get warm

  • CandyCrusherKing

    Me at 1 am listening to a girl making sounds The FBI agents monitoring my phone - ah that’s nice ☺️

    • CandyCrusherKing

      It do be like that though

  • Vimar

    Girls keep telling me that your voice sound s like Asmr ! And i dont know what does that mean anyway! So im here

  • Vlad Ursu
    Vlad Ursu

    Listen these mouth sounds aren't even good if u wanna hear good shit search Adequate Asmr she's rly good a mouth sounds ffs

  • Ann Marie
    Ann Marie

    I was thinking about how gorgeous your makeup was right before you asked 😂 thank you for the video :)

  • Randal Peckham
    Randal Peckham

    All i hear is click click click in the voice? annoying asmall glow???

  • Sir Kostas
    Sir Kostas

    ASMR Glow's "paradox". You want to go to sleep, but you want to make us fall asleep first.

  • Guitarmann 1818
    Guitarmann 1818


  • Tongue Tied
    Tongue Tied

    Really like the makeup the gold glittery eyes is 👌

  • Michelle Smith
    Michelle Smith

    Love love love yoour makeUp🌟👌💞