Battle of Hattin: Kingdom of Heaven (2005)
The battle that changed the course of World History
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  • Elijah Jacob
    Elijah Jacob

    The Christian leader does not represent a true Christian.


    Salahuddin is great kings

  • Piron Wiked
    Piron Wiked

    Such an army wasted due to stupidity and ignorance,when you've played total war the feeling is even worse

  • ६३६ക്ദജ ഗീ
    ६३६ക്ദജ ഗീ

    The European use full metal armor in the hot dessert 😂😂, idiot, before battle they will die by dehydration 😂😂

  • DFFDz

    Baldwin and Saladin were both amazing Kings Inshallah

  • Georgie Lane
    Georgie Lane

    Feels strangely satesfying seeing the crusaders so weak and pathetic and then crushed by the braver smarter better muslims! Greetings from UK army girl

  • Yoga Patinsdo
    Yoga Patinsdo

    Who care war in the movie, there's big war in here

  • all game is fun qwartz
    all game is fun qwartz

    If the Christian army is not tired salaadin will be defeat or a huge blow to them


    Super film👍👍👍👍🇩🇪

  • Love Star
    Love Star

    We still fighting in comments ower which happened 800 years ago 🤔🤔

  • Arthas Menethil
    Arthas Menethil

    Lets bring back the 300 Heroes.....This Is Spartaa!!!!!! *kick*

  • Zek Bwolf
    Zek Bwolf


  • Tweakin Trax
    Tweakin Trax

    one Religion hide pedo priests the other allows men to marry a child Religion is all round bad for humanity funny thing about Gods is that earth is like the size of a dust particle in the grand scheme of the Universe but they all appear to believe it all went down on Earth Oh wait God has a spaceship i forgot that part because when you speak about the universe all of sudden now Gods fly around in spaceships So many people have died in the name of false Gods and how many little girls and boys been raped by men because of the Gods will ???? you guys will say whatever and tell yourselves whatever it takes to make it all sound right in the name of God If there was a GOD i think he would strike down apon these men who rape boys and rape young girls not let them continue raping

  • Tweakin Trax
    Tweakin Trax

    always found it funny how one faiths prophet was a saviour and the other faith prophet cut the heads off knights funny how religion works aint it

  • prubin8

    Would have been nice if Ridley Scott actually showed the battle. Not the aftermath.

  • FlapJack Ripper
    FlapJack Ripper

    But where is PaJeet?

  • Alexus Stukov
    Alexus Stukov

    Tried this is TOTAL WAR - Didn't work for me lol

  • Matt Nar
    Matt Nar

    Guys on horseback collapsing while walking men soldiered on.

  • A Confederacy of Dunces
    A Confederacy of Dunces

    what are the instruments being played here?

  • Saxon Ray
    Saxon Ray


  • Joseph Manno
    Joseph Manno

    Guy de Lusignan was known, historically, as an incredibly handsome but astoundingly weak-minded man, known to make a decision based solely on the counsel of whichever adviser spoke to him last. Despite (or perhaps in part because) of the fact that he time and again demonstrated himself an idiot, Queen Sibylla proved completely devoted to Guy (in great measure likely because he was attractive and amazing in bed); their mutual antipathy in the film is entirely a creation of KoH's screenwriters. Fortunately for Saladin, Richard the Lion-Heart had troubles at home in Europe, or he would have certain remained in the Holy Land a few more months and reconquered all that the Crusaders had lost, instead of just a viable coastal strip.

  • Phuong To
    Phuong To

    Everyone died from heatstroke! No water equals death!

  • Black Kaiser
    Black Kaiser

    Dehydration is a play thing for muslim..we fast for ramadhan dint eat dint is easy for us if we dint drink enough

    • Jasc Random
      Jasc Random

      I think using thick armor made for European cold climate in the hot desert might have been a factor.

  • Mark Sullivan
    Mark Sullivan

    I care about the crusades because the west eventually gained enough knowledge so they could advance and then massively progress. The middle east did not and allowed islam to have too much influence on education. The east was ahead of the west in many areas so whatever we learned was to our benefit.

  • aghil S864
    aghil S864

    When all Christians, Jews and Muslims worship only one God and ultimately believe in one God, then what is all this war in the name of religion for? When the source of all divine religions reaches one source, why do we need to say that our religion is right and another religion is unjust, when it ultimately leads to one God?I wish we could think a little bit about this. Thank You

    • Jasc Random
      Jasc Random

      Because there can only be One truth, and to admit someone else's is valid is to admit your's is not.

    • Muhammed Enam Ahmed 170041036
      Muhammed Enam Ahmed 170041036

      They are not the same religion. The society borne from these religions are not the same (In case of Jews they never had a coherent society).

  • Abdullah Gs
    Abdullah Gs

    Salahuddin what an intelligent commander

  • Mah Mzn
    Mah Mzn

    الله أكبر 🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿❤


  • Kargath Bladefist (WoD)
    Kargath Bladefist (WoD)

    DEUS VULT! (Saladin holds up the UNO REVERSE CARD) Shit....

    • Muhammed Enam Ahmed 170041036
      Muhammed Enam Ahmed 170041036

      Well to be fair Salahaddin was more like a suppressant against the Crusade. Sultan Baibars the ultra alpha turkish sultan was the one who removed Crusaders permanently from the ME.

  • Salah Al Deen
    Salah Al Deen

    الله اكبر

  • Rastalion

    When people used used to kill in the name of God. No difference from today

    • Jasc Random
      Jasc Random

      And just like today, its just a bullshit excuse for the real mundane reasons.

  • Salah Eddine Ghamri
    Salah Eddine Ghamri

    They turn in circles preparing for war hhhhh

  • Burak Seker
    Burak Seker

    Selahaddin nasıl koydu ama karizmana hastayım uhaaaa

    • Ali Çetin
      Ali Çetin

      gg 😂

  • Roderick Palac
    Roderick Palac

    I guess underestimating water killed the enemy

  • Jakub Owczarski
    Jakub Owczarski

    I told them to not rush B on eco,but they didn't want listen to me

  • Davoin Shower Handle
    Davoin Shower Handle

    its like leeroy jenkins but as a king !


    Alahu akber


      @Therese It seems so. 😶

    • Therese

      @MÜSLÜMAN Ok. In any case, we aren't on the same side in this. 🤔


      @Therese I know a little weak English so I can set up some words wrong In short, I'm not tied to the organization you think


      @Therese What do you think I am.? I'm not tied to the organization you think You don't know me so you can't criticize You call me cor but you ignore what everyone sees I saw what I saw, as bright as the real sun, only people deceived by the world can't see it I hope god shows you the truth Anyway, I don't need much talk When that day comes you will understand everything...

    • Therese

      @MÜSLÜMAN You've done nothing but hurt innocent people. And you whine about oppressors, but you're the ones who would oppress others based on religion, and often support the use of slavery aswell. And you're only making things worse for yourselves. But evidently you are too blind to see that.

  • bernisweltredsun

    يسوع المسيح هو ابن الله ✠

    • abdulraheem shammakhi
      abdulraheem shammakhi

      Jesus christ never said iam god ?

    • Mina Sber
      Mina Sber

      بإحياء الماسيح

  • Tri Jaykay
    Tri Jaykay

    Palestina will be free!! We always with you... From moslem Indonesia.

    • negro bsr
      negro bsr

      its israel

  • Dave Wilson
    Dave Wilson

    Hahahaha death to the crusaders

  • Constantine Joseph
    Constantine Joseph

    Guy de Lusignan is a terrible commander. Under Richard Lionheart or Phillip Augustus or even Frederick Barbarossa, the outcome would have been totally different

    • Muhammed Enam Ahmed 170041036
      Muhammed Enam Ahmed 170041036

      @Constantine Joseph He literally fell from his horse. A king doesn't do that despite the age. In our historical account, it's said Salahaddin prayed for Allah's help when he heard about Europe's coalition. If I'm not wrong his son died too, and the HRE forces were slowly killed by Turkish horse archers. Never seen a 180k army dissipate as fast LOL

    • Constantine Joseph
      Constantine Joseph

      @Muhammed Enam Ahmed 170041036 He was old and was easily swept away by a river especially with armor on. More like physics and old age. If not he had a force of like 100,000 troops on their way from Anatolia by land

    • Muhammed Enam Ahmed 170041036
      Muhammed Enam Ahmed 170041036

      Well Allah killed Barbarossa.

  • Alejandro Daniel Antunez Mena
    Alejandro Daniel Antunez Mena

    Whats the name of the soundtrack

  • Belg

    They only won because the army was lead by a moron. Good King Baldwin or Richard the Lionheart would not have failed

    • Horner 37
      Horner 37

      This would not have happened. If Christians did not break the truce. They broke the truce, killed a group of civilian Muslims and got what they deserved

  • Nobody XIII
    Nobody XIII

    Ah yes the Battle of Hattin, where the Muslims decided to show their true colors, instead of facing the Knights Templar in honorable combat, they cut them of from their water supply leaving them no choice but to fight their way to it, Cowards!

    • Jasc Random
      Jasc Random

      @Nobody XIII "I'm American who believes in codes and morals not cowardly tactics" No, you're just a naive idiot. -Knights had no real code of honor. That was 19th century romanization. Most Knights were just highly paid thugs. And they wouldn't have let the Muslim pick up his sword, because for them Honor was reserved for fellow Christians, not infidels. -If Salahadin didn't cut off the water supply, it would have resulted in more deaths for his own army. A "Fair Fight" is a Blood Bath. -The Crusaders committed many atrocities. In the First Crusade, they Massacred the peoples of Antioch and Jerusalem. This comes directly from the accounts of the Crusaders themselves.

    • Nobody XIII
      Nobody XIII

      @Muhammed Enam Ahmed 170041036 I'm American who believes in codes and morals not cowardly tactics like for example terrorism, is that also a strategy of war?

    • Nobody XIII
      Nobody XIII

      @Horner 37 Real Historians also proved what your false historians said about the first crusade who exaggerated fact from fiction, like do you really think that blood can be knee deep? No because false historians are bias against Christianity because it wants to deny the truth

    • Nobody XIII
      Nobody XIII

      @Amaan Saddiq Because history can repeat itself

  • someone

    0:44 لا إله إلا الله


    Madhar child muslim

  • Michel Nguyen
    Michel Nguyen

    What battle? Doess anyone see anything?

    • Horner 37
      Horner 37

      It was not a battle but was more like a massacre

  • AdolfO MelgaR
    AdolfO MelgaR

    Thank for the link.

  • Joe Abou Jaoude
    Joe Abou Jaoude

    If baldwin was still king none of that would have happened.

  • Oscar Monzon
    Oscar Monzon

    Fuck islamist

    • someone

      yeah fuck them for defending their lands from an invading force they should accept being conquered and enslaved like we did to the Africans at Colonialism times .. right ?

  • ma ba
    ma ba

    Dont forget how it ends...

  • Shelbi Nomani
    Shelbi Nomani

    Now Saudi Arabia worships Europe & America like slaves. Such a tragic turn of history, lol

  • well done
    well done

    The christians were reckless if only guy stayed in jerusalem and defended it

  • John Days
    John Days

    When Israel fought in old testament with Amorites, Philistines, Moab, etc. But they carried the arch of God instead. Long live Israel.

  • أحمد نتما
    أحمد نتما

  • illyrian ALBANIA
    illyrian ALBANIA

    Fuck Islam

    • Sultan Alsultan
      Sultan Alsultan

      Fuck yuo

  • Mohamed Gamal
    Mohamed Gamal

    They should've shown us the tactics of saladin

  • الشيخ علي كمال الدين
    الشيخ علي كمال الدين

    إنها إراة الله

  • Carsick Jax
    Carsick Jax

    Today the cross has already been replaced the cresent moon and star in England. Pakistanis have taken over lol

    • Therese

      It's not that bad.

    • Jasc Random
      Jasc Random

      You're saying that a disadvantaged 1,8% of the UK population has taken over it?

    • Black Flags of Pakistan the East
      Black Flags of Pakistan the East


  • Cassius Quintilianus Tiberius
    Cassius Quintilianus Tiberius


    • someone

      God willed it crying won't change the past