Hut in the rainy forest | FireSound | RainSound | WhiteNoise
#rainsound #fireplace #sleep #ASMR
My job is architecture computer graphic designer.
I usually slept with good sound through FRsoft search, but as time passed, I decided to make a video by combining good sound with my computer graphic.
I am not good enough, but thank you for watching.
I hope this video that I made helps viewers.
My videos are usually made using 3D programs.
Program Used - 3dsmax
- Premiere Pro
- After effect
- lumion
- Photoshop
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  • Nathan Vinson
    Nathan Vinson

    I just looked down at the comments and said to myself, what the hell. Anyway back to relaxing....crazy people...snooze

    • Relaxation Music TL channel
      Relaxation Music TL channel

      I think so too, it calms me down a lot

  • AJ

    You are a master of sorts. I want to live in a house you make one day!

    • dreamy sound
      dreamy sound

      Thanks! AJ 👍

  • Bellah Nemetona
    Bellah Nemetona

    My dream. Wish to own this place ❤

    • dreamy sound
      dreamy sound

      Relax, guest!😘

  • Yu Guo
    Yu Guo

    This room , I really like ~

    • dreamy sound
      dreamy sound

      Have a comfortable rest, customer😄

  • Catherine Ramos
    Catherine Ramos

    I love the butterflies on the wall. Nice touch. This is my favourite. It's like being in Lake Tahoe. Thank you

  • Skullie V
    Skullie V

    This + noise cancelling headphones + origami = perfect

    • dreamy sound
      dreamy sound

      thanks! Skullie V 😊😊

  • Karl Dicker
    Karl Dicker

    Its a nice rain forest background, but it has a summer feel too.

    • dreamy sound
      dreamy sound

      Your words make sense.

  • W W
    W W

    Check out the website for There is a story there called “God Enhanced Music” by bud. the short version of the story is; play some music or nature sounds of your choice and then just pray and ask God to put into the sounds whatever God knows you need. Please do this in a safe place, not driving.


    This cabin looks better than my house

  • Flower Music
    Flower Music

    Hey designer, Could i use your scenes for my video? Please xD

  • Khalid Mahmood
    Khalid Mahmood

    you know when studying hits hard when you need to hit replay...

  • Leanne Ramnarine
    Leanne Ramnarine

    You've created such an ideal world. It's all very comforting.

    • dreamy sound
      dreamy sound

      I sometimes made the thought of wanting to sleep in the forest. Thank you.

  • aditya ramdani
    aditya ramdani

    bisa tidur ngga kouta gw malah abis bgst

  • TuxyKat 1111
    TuxyKat 1111

    I've gotta take a Very comfy and inviting 👍💙

    • dreamy sound
      dreamy sound

      good night^^

  • Travel Lover
    Travel Lover

    So glad i don't watch Kardashians or read fake news I calm my mind instead with this its so real and calming and mine

  • Marianne Magalong
    Marianne Magalong

    Relaxing 🍷🍷

    • dreamy sound
      dreamy sound

      Relax, customer ^^

  • 얌야미

    짱좋다~~~ 감사합니다

    • dreamy sound
      dreamy sound

      짱 감사합니다 ^^

  • J

    부드럽고 맛있는 빗소리가 나네요 간질간질... 영상도 너무 아늑하고 멋있어요

    • dreamy sound
      dreamy sound

      맛있는 빗소리ㅎㅎ좋네요

  • Hotel 7
    Hotel 7

    Как у вас уютно! Спасибо

    • dreamy sound
      dreamy sound

      Спасибо за вашу симпатию.

  • Vicki Reggie
    Vicki Reggie

    This is beautiful

  • Evolution

    imagine snug under the sheets with your loved one..........

  • Amira Guereca
    Amira Guereca

    I love everything about this room

  • Amira Guereca
    Amira Guereca

    This Would Be Great To Be Alone.

    • MONO

      Totally and completely agree with you. And imagine someone with you consulting the smartphone.

    • Amira Guereca
      Amira Guereca

      @Mel K same here.

    • Mel K
      Mel K

      I agree, I don’t want company, I don’t want to talk or hear someone talking, I just want to enjoy the sound of the rain, thunder and the amber lighting of the bedroom. With lots of wine and my favorite snacks!

  • Therese Masi
    Therese Masi

    Love these videos. MORE!!!!

  • Michele Thompson
    Michele Thompson

    What does white and brown noise mean

  • Cathy Morrison Cranor
    Cathy Morrison Cranor

    Love this!

  • Ana Ortiz
    Ana Ortiz

    No tiene pinta de choza más bien de cabaña jajaja

  • B Angel
    B Angel

    Twilight vibes

  • natalia knyzeva
    natalia knyzeva

    Великолепно.мои комплименты.спасибо

  • Tina Adams
    Tina Adams

    2 minutes in and my eyelids are already heavy....😌 😴

    • dreamy sound
      dreamy sound

      Good sleep customer ^^

  • Sudeep Rohit
    Sudeep Rohit

    i am sure strange things happen in that forest and the granddad in that house has a lot of stories to tell to the young ones !

  • Nicole foxesncats
    Nicole foxesncats

    Why the fire in slow motion

    • fibromaniacnm

      Nicole foxesncats Hardwood logs

  • كلمة حرة
    كلمة حرة

    شي رائع

  • Kerri Essex
    Kerri Essex

    I must live here

    • dreamy sound
      dreamy sound

      Hope it will come true. ^^

  • Angelia Hines
    Angelia Hines

    So comfortable. I'm ready to go to sleep. 😴😴😴😴

    • dreamy sound
      dreamy sound

      Good night, customer!

  • Titianna Powell
    Titianna Powell

    also try this for relaxing

  • Peaceful T
    Peaceful T

    This room has the right amount of essence to activate rejuvenation and peace!

    • dreamy sound
      dreamy sound

      thanks! Peaceful T 😄😄

  • relax and chill now
    relax and chill now

    Smooth sound of natural things is relaxing, let you better sleep and increases health and mood. Thank you. My channel will have different aspects and content helping getting closer to nature and yourself. Feel free to check out. relax

  • Cristina b
    Cristina b

    Me gusta TODO. El sonido del agua, la luz, la chimenea, la cama, las estanterías de la pared. TODO. Es superelajante. . Muchísimas gracias. Un abrazo enorme desde España. 👏👏👏👏👏🙏❤️

    • dreamy sound
      dreamy sound

      Gracias por calificar mi video.

  • Fgrffg Fggt
    Fgrffg Fggt

    Love it

  • BeccaCosmetics ChrissyTeigen
    BeccaCosmetics ChrissyTeigen

    It's April 18, 2020 the world is a different place. This is nice to enjoy. Head over to Sean Combs The Paper Boy for something different. Stay safe my friend.

  • Ver ASMR
    Ver ASMR


  • Dimitra Spyropoulou
    Dimitra Spyropoulou

    Beautiful! So relaxing! Greetings from Greece.

    • dreamy sound
      dreamy sound

      Greece! thanks^^

  • Marie-Michelle

    Spending lockdown here?! Yes, please!

  • Farnoosh Eghbali
    Farnoosh Eghbali

    Excellent beautiful room so calming

  • 스니프

    한국분이신거같은데 댓글은 다 외국분이시네요 한국댓글도있으면 힘이되실거같아 소소하게나마 적어보고갑니다 :) 우연히들렀는데 마음이편해지네요

    • dreamy sound
      dreamy sound

      다른 댓글도 감사하지만 한글댓글은 너무 반가워요ㅎㅎ 감사합니다.^^

  • Deep Sleep
    Deep Sleep

    Thanks. ..

  • Baby Monkey Pink
    Baby Monkey Pink

    Excellent. sound

  • Lia J.K
    Lia J.K


    • dreamy sound
      dreamy sound

      님도 체고!ㅎㅎ

  • Anika Tasnim
    Anika Tasnim

    Can I live here OMG

  • L B
    L B

    Flying snow doesnt have sound, the wind makes the sound, snowflakes that fly are quiet and make no sound!!!

    • Mark mzqjqc
      Mark mzqjqc

      Reading is fundamental

    • Toms onfire
      Toms onfire

      get a life, you melt

    • fibromaniacnm

      L B A) Flying snow must have wind, ergo wind-sounds, B) Snow flakes don’t fly *without* wind, they just fall, C) snow flakes do make a very faint hissing sound as they fall even without wind. The problem here is that the pine forest outside and the audible velocity of the wind do not match. It doesn’t bother me-the miasma of fine blowing snow moving across the lower line of the windows and the fire flicker both peripherally make the illusion that the boughs are moving.

  • salexo9

    The animation is beautiful. That's the kind of room I'd wanna live in.

    • Deep Sleep
      Deep Sleep

      @dreamy sound Thanks. ..

    • dreamy sound
      dreamy sound

      Relax here costomer^^ 👌

    • Deep Sleep
      Deep Sleep

      Yes, I agree with you. ...

  • WinterGirl

    Wow-nice touch with the rain hitting the fence.

    • dreamy sound
      dreamy sound

      thanks! WinterGirl❤️

  • Roddy Pryce
    Roddy Pryce

    Too many candles

  • Anja C. Appleby
    Anja C. Appleby

    Beautiful, I love that all of your videos have a decent length, just perfect for going to sleep with this and waking up with it. Love, love, love this one 👏👏👏💖💖💖🥰🥰🥰

    • Deep Sleep
      Deep Sleep

      So beautiful writing. .. I feel love is so important in your life. ....

    • dreamy sound
      dreamy sound

      I feel so rewarding. Thank you.

  • Mandi's Houseplant Channel
    Mandi's Houseplant Channel

    Beautiful 👍

  • Eva Fabian
    Eva Fabian


    • Study-Sound-Girl

      Eva Fabian Yes it‘s awesome. Best wishes Study-Girl

  • Mindy Vaughn
    Mindy Vaughn

    It’s beautiful. I’m going to stretch out on the bed for a bit. Thank you it very beautiful .💖

    • dreamy sound
      dreamy sound

      Take a rest here. guest!^^

  • Ranger 208
    Ranger 208

    OMG that fire is loud and the mist moves quick... maybe the cabin is on fire?

    • dreamy sound
      dreamy sound

      I think I should be careful.

  • 김윤희

    영상사진속에 들어가있는것 같아요 빗소리 장작소리너무 좋아요^^

    • dreamy sound
      dreamy sound

      감사합니다. 김윤희님❤️❤️

  • Forasec


  • Vina Landsford
    Vina Landsford

    Very beautiful and original with no annoying fireplace crackling that is so standard and generic… The sounds here have a very original and natural feel. Thank you so very much for this channel and this awesome video!

    • dreamy sound
      dreamy sound

      It seems like a special compliment. Thank you.

  • BazerDuo | Relax Escape
    BazerDuo | Relax Escape

    An incredible place to stay! Great sound!

    • dreamy sound
      dreamy sound

      thanks! BazerDuo - Relax Escape

  • Sparrow L
    Sparrow L

    The bible says to keep the 7th day sabbath (Saturday), and if you are worshiping on Sunday you are breaking the 4th commandment. Sunday laws are being lobbied and when they are ENFORCED (fines, jail, buy/sell revocation, death) many will choose man's law over God's law, thus taking the Mark of the Beast. Don't remain ignorant. Open your KJV bible, read Ellen White's Conflict of the Ages series, see Walter Veith's Total Onslaught series and Nader Mansour's vids on FRsoft if you want to learn more. Time is short.

  • Alicia Young
    Alicia Young

    Warm and Cozy indoors Beautiful and Wintery Outdoors 😌

  • Carmen Chicas
    Carmen Chicas

    Las chizas son bellas

    • dreamy sound
      dreamy sound

      Gracias por los buenos comentarios.

  • Kri MD
    Kri MD

    Can I suggest ( please ) make a night time video just like this ? It’s lovely and so beautiful , along with so many of the wonderful vids you’ve made. Thank u !

  • Francis V
    Francis V


    • dreamy sound
      dreamy sound

      thanks! Francis V

  • 1000 Interessen
    1000 Interessen

    Fantastic. Big like from Austria. Myriala ASMR 👍🌼🌿💚🍀

  • 이경섭

    I want to sleep one night at a place like this.

    • Ra's Al'Ghul is Kool
      Ra's Al'Ghul is Kool

      JUST ONE??? lol

    • dreamy sound
      dreamy sound

      댓글 감사합니다.^^

  • Sandrine Miya
    Sandrine Miya

    Merci bonne nuit mr 😉😘😘😘

    • dreamy sound
      dreamy sound


  • fibromaniacnm

    Looks and sounds like flying snow-I used to live in cold place like that, not any more! Beautiful work, and I will use this when it’s hot outside😄 Beautiful work you do.

    • fibromaniacnm

      dreamy sound It has-thank you!

    • dreamy sound
      dreamy sound

      I hope this helps a lot.

  • Autumn Moon
    Autumn Moon

    I love that view!

    • dreamy sound
      dreamy sound

      I made it with great care^^

  • Deep Sleep
    Deep Sleep

    Beautiful room and amazing music. .. Excellent.

  • nikki love
    nikki love

    I have insomnia coupled with the noise around at night sometimes I just want to move to a place like this and have some peace n quiet. Tonight,I’ll settle for this. I am grateful I can travel with this in mind and get some needed sleep.

    • dreamy sound
      dreamy sound

      I hope you always have a good sleep.

  • Allan Roberts
    Allan Roberts

    Warm your hands before the flames, That flicker in the night. The rain that drops and splatters, Will bring the fields to life. Now close your eyes, snuggle close, Night won't last forever. We're wrapped up tight, warm inside, Nothing could be better.

    • L B
      L B

      Really, oh really!!!

    • dreamy sound
      dreamy sound

      I appreciate it.^^

  • On The Moon
    On The Moon

    Always amazing ❤️❤️❤️

  • Mhmd Saleh
    Mhmd Saleh

    مشكور ويسلموا


    Ah! I really wanted my room to be like this. How beautiful! 🥰

    • dreamy sound
      dreamy sound

      I have thought of a house like this in the forest.

  • The Sound Experience
    The Sound Experience

    I feel so good!