Joyner Lucas - I'm Sorry (508)-507-2209
Joyner Lucas
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  • Yousef Khan
    Yousef Khan



    Known this song since it came out and ive been through a breakup where i got cheated on. This song hits hard every time and i have been bullied all my life for height. This song represents me. I wanna end it but i know its not worth it.

  • MadDox

    I Cried When I Watch This... Cuz I'm Wanna Die To.. And I'm Depressed

    • LITTLEDUDE1127

      Same ive been watching since it came out

  • T9xexperience

    A good friend of mine killed himself may 26th, he was 25.. He would sit in the piss pouring rain and listen to anyone pour their heart out until they was okay. That’s what confuses me.. how can someone so strong, someone that never gave up on his friends and loved ones, give up himself..? Idk man 💔

    • LITTLEDUDE1127

      Sorry brother

  • foxy oldtownroad
    foxy oldtownroad

    If you call the number he will pick up I think

    • LITTLEDUDE1127

      Its the number of the suicide hotline

    • David J
      David J

      I think Its the name of he's album

  • Crispy Beats
    Crispy Beats

    What number is in the title of the song?

    • LITTLEDUDE1127


    • LITTLEDUDE1127

      Suicide hotlibe

    • David J
      David J

      I think Its the name of he's album

  • Bob Marsh
    Bob Marsh

    We all in this together no matter what. Reach out.

  • Xalia Speakman-Smith
    Xalia Speakman-Smith

    is he alive :(

    • LITTLEDUDE1127

      lol its ClxpGød ive been listening to his new album

    • LITTLEDUDE1127


    • lol its ClxpGød
      lol its ClxpGød

      Is Joyner lucas alive?

  • Cristian Paul Castañeda
    Cristian Paul Castañeda

    JUST MAKE SURE YOU'RE OKAY, YOU WILL LIVE TO SEE ANOTHER DAY. YOU'LL STAY. What ever happens there will be the light will guide us. That light will be our friend or someone willing to listen. I tap on your shoulder, everything will pass. WE can get through this and always choose to survive. You're courage enough, you can wake up and eat up. Don't lose hope 🙌

  • Manting Xiong
    Manting Xiong

    Bruh, this chorus hits hard. I was not ready to hear this fire.

  • Denis Timis
    Denis Timis

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="120">2:00</a> i’m melting

  • Sike nigga You thought
    Sike nigga You thought

    As someone that’s been on both sides of this I’m upset with myself for not finding this masterpiece sooner. Joyner too underrated.

  • Julian Brockie
    Julian Brockie

    This song is all that stops me sometimes....just hearing that it won't help or stop how I feel let's me know that it isn't a way out

  • Angelina Downey
    Angelina Downey

    this song is making me cry bc ive started cutting myself again even though ig im in a great place i jsut feel a burden to everyone and im just hoping one day i cut deep enough im tired of making mistakes i just wanna dissapear i try so hard to make everyone proud but it just won't

    • hawkeye 07
      hawkeye 07

      Feel you... Especially when the first verse is how your point of view...

  • Otlagape Mokete
    Otlagape Mokete

    The new Cole🔥


    This song came out 3 and a half months before my cousin shot himself. I felt that rage and sorrow at the end of this song. Still think of him.

  • Noah S
    Noah S

    My favorite song by Joyner. If this song don’t get to you... I don’t know how you can bump to it than.

  • Dominik Domazet
    Dominik Domazet


    • Dominik Domazet
      Dominik Domazet


  • Josh Brousseau
    Josh Brousseau

    anyone posting some hard shit... we're all still here. anyone here thats lost someone close to them.. we're here. anyone thinking about doing something stupid.. we're here to hear for you. give us 5 fucking minutes. its never too fucking late.

  • Jerome

    lil dudes from the comment section... you don't need to gimme a dollar....

  • Ashton Johal
    Ashton Johal

    It has taken so much effort to not end it all and their is only one reason why i'm still on this earth. People don't understand how hard it is not to end it all rn.

  • Tevin Tarso
    Tevin Tarso

    We want Justice for George Floyd. All the way from South Africa

    • Ross Munoz
      Ross Munoz

      I didn't know him but may his soul rest in peace. :(

  • Ryan n
    Ryan n

    i don’t know what’s wrong with me , i’m very very sad and unhappy i’m not suicidal and i thank god but i’ve never been happy , i dont know what feeling this is and i feel silly writing this in a youtube comment section but it helps releasing my bottled up emotions

  • Sebastian Gavriliu
    Sebastian Gavriliu


  • Kendyl ́s World
    Kendyl ́s World

    sad thing is a overdosed to this song. luckily but at the same time not luckily survived. sent to the hospital just for my parents to say some bullshit and now they won't leave me alone. its whatever. and I was bullied starting around when I was 8 so yep.

  • Niko Ess
    Niko Ess

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="190">3:10</a>

  • Leviticus XI
    Leviticus XI

    If i didn't have family i wouldn't be here.

  • depression is real
    depression is real

    This one of the most saddest song I have listen to bro writing this right now I am crying a little bit bro and I want to die but I think I won't no more now because how much it will hurt your family members.😢😢 I want to die because no one pay attention to me or like me except my parents they try to make me happy but they can't because they don't know what I want and they won't listen to me nor pay attention.😢😢😢😢 But after hearing this I won't kill my self.

  • Lil Wrld
    Lil Wrld

    How does he play wuth my emotions its crazy

  • A.K.A G
    A.K.A G

    If this man ain't in the agrument of one of the best to ever do it and agrubly the best of Kendrick Cole and Sean I dunno what to say

  • Jagnoor Waraich
    Jagnoor Waraich

  • Synco F
    Synco F

    Just heard some KSI fanboy say millions was the deepest song he’d every heard so I showed him this 😂😂😂

  • J c
    J c

    A Enemy you can't live without-,sibling

  • Im2facedAMS 15
    Im2facedAMS 15

    I miss those days when songs used to be 5-6 minutes long

  • truth b told
    truth b told

    All we need in this hard difficult life is Jesus.and to have faith have patience and to hold on to him.he died to set us free from all the devils traps.the devil is a liar

  • Kandra Bryant
    Kandra Bryant

    Is this a true story 😭


    Hey Joyner Lucas nice job with #IPrevail #DOA is the dopest shit I've come across since #LinkinPark collabed along side #Jayz

  • Dina Nunez
    Dina Nunez

    Human trafficking is wrong.

  • Matthew Blom
    Matthew Blom

    I nearly died this morning and I just dont ever want to be here ,life is pointless

    • Alin Agafiții
      Alin Agafiții

      Please be safe man


      it gets better if you ever want to talk im here i know you may not trust a stranger but i wont judge as long as ur safe and i understand you think life is pointless it takes time to understand lifes purpose

  • Playing Tales Of Berseria
    Playing Tales Of Berseria

    God, I hate my fucking life

  • Alex Schovanec
    Alex Schovanec

    Has anyone noticed that when he said where is God the belt broke and stopped him from his first attempt

  • Matthew Hinkle
    Matthew Hinkle

    Still hitting hard in 2020 ! Just stay real to yourself and its only temporary ! You got this stay afloat! Praying for you all !

  • 661_boosted_ek G
    661_boosted_ek G

    Sorry to my family especially to my kids I'm sorry ;(

  • Paul Regimbal
    Paul Regimbal

    Rip Jacobie Trew Espinosa 🥺 lost my brother to a suicide of him shooting myself in the head so when i hear this song it hits deep deep. Im not the type to cry cause a song but man this shit hits hard when you can relate to it..

  • Jozeph Cantwell
    Jozeph Cantwell

    Damn the line "I've been depressed since the day I was 9" is very relatable to me, because of this lockdown and not being able to meet freinds and distract myself my deep thoughts and past are coming back to me now that I'm always in my own thoughts. You can never cure depression you just find ways to keep you happy and distract yourself from it, but of you maintain that happiness you forget about it, anyone reading this, I hope your happy and make sure you keep positive things and people in your life, those things and people are more special then you might think and you never know when you might lose someone, so make the most of life while you can.godbless 🙏🏼 your more special then you think!

  • iffy myb
    iffy myb


  • iffy myb
    iffy myb

    now can someone explain why this song has 17k dislikes???!!!!!!!

  • Hugo Bitencourt
    Hugo Bitencourt

    one of my best friends commited suicide, he hugged me just 3 days before doing it. it's been 6 years and I still think I should've done something

  • Javiette

    Damn this hits home everytime

  • mizo 74070
    mizo 74070

    My bestfriend hangs himself today, words can’t describe the pain i’m going thru right now😔😔

  • not ikhwan
    not ikhwan

    Tough times don’t last, tough people do

  • kidd kaiju
    kidd kaiju

    Music saved me from stuff like this When I don't know how to tell my gf how I love her I write a love song When I don't know how to control my anger I freestyle or make a something metal (If you go on my channel and see my corny music that is old and before I took it seriously I don't post music anymore I entertain publicly in Louisiana pretty anywhere if you ask me)

  • Preston Krause
    Preston Krause

    How this man raps shit so meaningful separates him from other rappers

  • Cosmic Beats
    Cosmic Beats

    Not even suicidal,but this song hits hard. My brother had alot of mental issues and he used to cut.

  • Caleb Smith
    Caleb Smith

    Found this song when it was only a few months old. It’s the song that introduced me to Joyner and gave me some hope. And after 2 and a half years I’m right back where I started.

  • Fazli Ang
    Fazli Ang

    I tried to kill my self three times, when I tried to jump off a roof and below was metal sticking out wanting to pierce it to me. my family was watching. they didn't even care.

  • Theoneandonlyme XxxtheoneandonlymeXxx
    Theoneandonlyme XxxtheoneandonlymeXxx

    This hits me to close 😞

  • Jacqueline Walker
    Jacqueline Walker

    I just wanna die but I’m scared of going to hell and hurting my family

  • einar 49er ghyt
    einar 49er ghyt

    Joyner I was suicidal and this song made me cry

  • Dominic Moretti
    Dominic Moretti

    This song still makes me cry to this day.

  • Lovely Laura
    Lovely Laura

    Imagine being suicidal and having anxiety about dying lmao... oh wait.

  • Mel Alcock
    Mel Alcock

    i just my baby brother to a overdose n im sitting in my room alone missing him just wanting to tell him i love him n i just want to bewith him

  • XlG3n3ralXl

    i am so depressed and have been hurting for so long. ive been feeling worthless and hurt. i cant fix my mental stability but music is my way into help. this song helps me get through the day. thank you so much.

    • 1obee

      im proud of you. stay alive ❤

  • Maliya Ojo
    Maliya Ojo

    The second half of this video is exactly how I was feeling when my friend committed suicide. Spot on.

  • Maliya Ojo
    Maliya Ojo

    The second half of this video yelling at his casket is exactly how I felt when my friend committed suicide. Spot on.

  • Justice Williams
    Justice Williams

    Is that a real number

  • Bedop

    Best wishes everyone

  • Jennifer Carter
    Jennifer Carter

    You know I played this at my brother's funeral I was so sad that he died he committed suicide he was downstairs and he grabbed a knife and...😥😥😥 1 like 1000 prayers for my brother he died when this came this song came the day after he died 👇🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Jamie Stevenson
    Jamie Stevenson

    "Where the fuck is god maybe I ain't believing enough but today we gonna see if hes real and if he is I'm probably going to hell" dayum that hit hard

  • mgh gh
    mgh gh

    the hardest feeling in the world is u are suicidal but you wont do it bc of ur family and u tell others that yeah suicide aint the answer and u r the happy healthy one in their eyes but inside u die every sec .

  • mgh gh
    mgh gh

    i love how he is talking from 2 views , he also does this in i'm not rasict . joyner needs more credit .

  • Brian Goss
    Brian Goss

    A friend told me about this song. I know she wanted me to hear the last part about the one you leave behind when you kill ur self. But all I'm hearing is the begin part. I wish I wasn't this way but im 33 and out of all this time. Ive only every found one thing that made life worth living. Her name was Faye and she had the brightest bluish green eye ive every seen. She was my scarlet haired angel and when she died so did I. Nothing matter now and im just waited for the end so I can be with her again. I don't care where that is. Be it Hell, Heaven or Oblivion it dosent matter as long as im with her.

  • Mida A
    Mida A

    How did all my my liked Joyner songs get removed?? Along with my subscription??? Rescubcribed and liked!!

  • Ark Attachment
    Ark Attachment

    My ex tried killing herself last Saturday night because her dad died that week, didnt know if she was going to be okay or not and her brother and I was up all night otp and crying. Then a few days later she calls me and I cried when I heard her voice. Was so close to doing the same she did because idk if I would be able to keep going without her.

  • Robert Villarreal
    Robert Villarreal

    This was the 1st song of Joyner I heard. That was years ago its crazy.

  • Lays Chips
    Lays Chips


  • Latavia Pulley
    Latavia Pulley

    i miss you mom love you to moon and back

  • Cordell Jackson
    Cordell Jackson

    im tired of people faking like they depressed you don´t know what i feel like when you just want to end the fucking pain u don´t know so stop

  • Richard Nunez
    Richard Nunez

    Powerful af.

  • RekkaKien3

    Screwed up part is that nobody really, truly wants to die. They just want whatever's causing the pain to stop.

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