Machine Gun Kelly - Bloody Valentine [Official Video]
Machine Gun Kelly - "Bloody Valentine"
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Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing Bloody Valentine. © 2020 Bad Boy/Interscope Records

  • Spencer Verstegen
    Spencer Verstegen

    Thank you to everyone who worked on this song and this album. I'm stupid pumped for the album. LTFU

  • King Wavvy
    King Wavvy

    This is incredible Mgk is so talented I believe that his beef with Eminem made him push Himself harder

  • Ryan Waas
    Ryan Waas

    Did em really destroy him to the point he don't even rap no more?

  • grunge lola
    grunge lola

    This song is so addictive

  • Luke K
    Luke K

    Well it's better than dissing Em lul

  • Justin Ray
    Justin Ray

    Not a fan

  • uatsicoki

    Bro imagine em's daughter ends up dating mgk, mgk is cool

  • Rick Nye
    Rick Nye

    Doesn't help it one bit when your ex looks like megan fox hah

  • Rick Nye
    Rick Nye


  • Rick Nye
    Rick Nye

    Chills ....goosebumps everytime ...the memories omg

  • Zoinks Zodiak
    Zoinks Zodiak

    Im so fucking here for this old emo vibes

  • Tom McGonigal
    Tom McGonigal

    I'd go to rock too if I got embarrassed in front of the world. For being a wannabe

  • luke schremm
    luke schremm

    After ur done dealing with em in hip hop he smacks ya into a whole new music category.... I dig this tho

    • wiseguy 26
      wiseguy 26

      Em really has nothing to do with everything about mgk smh.

  • Kingzlayer CH
    Kingzlayer CH

    When eminem disses you so hard, that you have tho change to another music genre

    • wiseguy 26
      wiseguy 26

      These comments getting played out fast. Is this a copy and paste btw actually he had a 2019 album and has been dropping trending hip hop music all quarantine. So you seem pretty dumb for this comment.

  • jossbel Looez
    jossbel Looez

    Love 💖

  • hariss mohamed
    hariss mohamed

    It truly was a Killshot.

    • wiseguy 26
      wiseguy 26

      If that was true he'd stop rapping and wouldn't even have a career to drop this track.😆

  • Sultry ASMR Lounge
    Sultry ASMR Lounge

    love you kells

  • FuzzyDancingBear


  • Gavin Barnes
    Gavin Barnes



    Imagine getting destroyed by Eminem so hard you had to switch genres

    • wiseguy 26
      wiseguy 26

      Actually he had a 2019 album and has been dropping trending hip hop music all quarantine. So you seem pretty dumb for this comment.

  • Negin Dehqani
    Negin Dehqani

    You are an amazing artist ... keep up the good work . Love you

  • Negin Dehqani
    Negin Dehqani

    Love it

  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy

    I guess EM shut him down on the rap now its time for The Back Street Boys to shut him up on the shitty POP!!!!!!!

    • wiseguy 26
      wiseguy 26

      He still raps bro lol u late.

  • Loes Prijs
    Loes Prijs

    Please, never go back. This song is amazing

  • Adi Waizman
    Adi Waizman

    it’s just me or it feels like jennifer’s body comeback?

  • Dominic p
    Dominic p

    Only great thing Michael Bay did in his career was introducing the world to Megan Fox 😍

  • lean logic
    lean logic

    Mgk is a legend!!🤘🏼🤘🏼Megan fox is 🥵🥵🥵

  • Andressa Moreira
    Andressa Moreira

    I see Megan Fox, I click

  • anonymous anonymous
    anonymous anonymous

    Song sucks

  • IA mne
    IA mne

    When you get dissed by Eminem and change genre to 2000s pop rock :D

  • sara kate
    sara kate

    Her acting even in this video was cringey. He’s good though. He actually a good actor and musician

  • Abdullah alsarraf
    Abdullah alsarraf

    2009 vibes

  • savy babe
    savy babe

    everyone talking how hot Megan is but our true bi awaking was having a crush on both of them in middle school and now....

  • the average gamer 3
    the average gamer 3

    This sounds like an American pie song

  • mark el
    mark el


  • Robin Sandhu
    Robin Sandhu

    Nice song 🥂

  • Jacob Thomas
    Jacob Thomas

    Bro where she been not in movies but he truly a goat

  • Delete 4EVER
    Delete 4EVER

    Get it

  • Suspect Familia
    Suspect Familia

    LOL Eminem crushed your rap career so I guess you can do pop all you got to do now is just change your name to Kelly

    • wiseguy 26
      wiseguy 26

      He still raps, why u Em stans so late on that. He never stopped rapping since Killshot.😆

  • MightyFish

    Damn MGK is seriously poppin. Loving this guy!

  • Jessica Alviani
    Jessica Alviani

    Fucking video !!Amazing concept but you can tell that he is an Artist and she is just a pretty face acting fake!😁

  • TheRocketBunny

    Это амплуа тебе больше подходит) тем не менее Till i die

  • 10,000 Subs Without Video's challenge
    10,000 Subs Without Video's challenge

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="61">1:01</a> i wish i was him right there 😤

  • Fool’s Ambition
    Fool’s Ambition

    This song’s low-key catchy imo

  • Tyler67478

    Eminem dissed mgk so bad he forgot what genre to sing in.

  • Oakie

    Damn i can’t believe so many people been sleeping on him for so long💤 The rise is finally here🙏🏻 EST19XX🔥

  • David Gray
    David Gray

    Wow; not only does this song suck but it's also not Hip-Hop

    • wiseguy 26
      wiseguy 26

      Dam u get paid to hate that hard? Salty af.😆

  • Geno Jr
    Geno Jr

    Baker pulls off anything. Est till my tomb xx

  • King Charles Smith
    King Charles Smith

    I hope everybody can now see why MGK never stood a chance causing all that drama with Eminem..

    • wiseguy 26
      wiseguy 26

      He wasn't gonna win but there's no denying mgk is talented even as a lyricist. He held his own well and clowned Em hard lmao. Most rappers couldn't pull that off on Em. Royce and Redman even gave mgk respect cause rap devil was good.

  • Ibankerlin Dkhar
    Ibankerlin Dkhar


  • Paul Salazar
    Paul Salazar

    This what happens to rappers after Eminem drops a diss track on them

    • wiseguy 26
      wiseguy 26

      Actually he had a 2019 album and has been dropping trending hip hop music all quarantine. So you seem pretty dumb for this comment. 😆

  • Ashley Tillett
    Ashley Tillett

    Megan Fox rocked that shit but let's be honest. Megan Fox rocks anything she does. Low key loved yall together

  • Arkan'Siel

    Waaahoooo , elle est si BELLE ...

  • Clonazepam2.0

    Give him a KillShoot

    • wiseguy 26
      wiseguy 26

      No stan.

  • pedro varela
    pedro varela

    Eminem make MGK change style.... and guess he suck in both rap and rock

    • wiseguy 26
      wiseguy 26

      Actually he had a 2019 album and has been dropping trending hip hop music all quarantine. So you seem pretty dumb for this comment.

  • Brandon Hart
    Brandon Hart

    Guess Eminem killed him so he changed genres

    • wiseguy 26
      wiseguy 26

      Actually he had a 2019 album and has been dropping trending hip hop music all quarantine. So you seem pretty dumb for this comment.

  • JazzAK6969

    She can't dance worth a shit. Haha, but so hot.

  • Nathan Apollo
    Nathan Apollo

    Sam witwicky would not be happy

  • Evan Litvak
    Evan Litvak

    Came for Megan stayed for the catchy af track. Dunno why this guy took a shot at Em, he should stay in the pop rock lane where he excels

    • wiseguy 26
      wiseguy 26

      Pop is the easy route and he had a pretty good reason to call out Em.

  • j millz
    j millz

    Idk why it even matters if it is pop punk or punk or pop why can't we as fans of music just admit that this guy is evolving and bringing good music with some substance and rawness to the "mainstream" it might not be the same thing we had when we were younger but face it we will never have that again so I'm gonna enjoy the hell out this new mgk

  • Julie G
    Julie G

    00’s vibe 💜

  • Lukas Woolley
    Lukas Woolley

    If Colson and Megan start dating, 2020 been a good year. I don't care what no one say🤷‍♂️😂

  • Spank _YT
    Spank _YT

    His music is like he is livin in 2013 still

    • wiseguy 26
      wiseguy 26

      Ummm you mean 2005 and that's a good thing might I add.

  • Matty Russell
    Matty Russell

    New mgk so on point! Keep Ddoing ya thing

  • Robert N
    Robert N

    I only clicked for Megan cause this guy sux

    • wiseguy 26
      wiseguy 26

      Must be an Em stan lmao stay mad.

  • Тише Танечка Не плачь
    Тише Танечка Не плачь


  • Kim Squier
    Kim Squier

    I love his ability in being able to do different styles. Love the guy but the comments that Em dissed him to a new genre are pretty funny. Nah he always had those influences in his music. Great song 👍

  • Joe McNally
    Joe McNally

    this is good. better than his wack rapping

    • wiseguy 26
      wiseguy 26

      Dude has been killing it with his rap music tho. You must've only heard the binge ep.😆

  • Mark Perrault
    Mark Perrault

    This is straight trash

  • Ash Kui
    Ash Kui

    Lol love the music video “ punk rock” yess dude. ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Katherine Vanheuveln
    Katherine Vanheuveln

    Mgk should have taken toms spot in blink 182 his voice fits

  • Danny Foss
    Danny Foss

    This is my middle school / high school years all over Did I go back to 2000

  • Dan Johnson
    Dan Johnson

    Where is YUNGBLUD?

  • Nolan Beyer
    Nolan Beyer

    The baddest of the transformer bitches

  • Юрий Благов
    Юрий Благов

    So-so ...

  • Юрий Благов
    Юрий Благов

    Мать 3-их детей ?

  • yasio bolo
    yasio bolo

    She would be such a perfect fit for american horror stories

  • Joshua Pike
    Joshua Pike

    Selling out I see.

  • Kay Lynn
    Kay Lynn

    Does she ever age??? love the video btw

    • yasio bolo
      yasio bolo

      Sure use hip hop as a stepping stone suck all the money you can get out of it then go home

  • CanCan xx
    CanCan xx

    I can't sleep without listening this song🥰🥰🥰🥰

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