The Morons Of Coronavirus

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  • Pimp Chimper
    Pimp Chimper

    Really? Nine months for this?

  • wesp202

    I actually dont even wanna watch this....would me hyped up and miss the good h3h3 days

  • Tony Versace
    Tony Versace

    what is this? H3H3Productions? I don't even remember subscribing.

  • Simon Daberooni
    Simon Daberooni

    bro ethan's fat now.

  • TechnoticGaming

    aka, people without common sense.

  • GoodFebruarian

    Let them die. Let all the fools extinct.

  • Jacob Fewster
    Jacob Fewster

    welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alex

    No way the Papa gave Ethan his new clip for the end of the intro. Ethan keeps getting legends to step up for him.

  • Fartytard

    Are my eyes deceiving me or is this real

  • DeltaRobTV

    Oh hey it’s the podcast guy and the Teddy Fresh CEO

  • Dominic James
    Dominic James

    Ethan's trademark coughing has never felt so dirty as it has now. I feel like I need to clean the inside of my laptop screen.

  • Danté Lawrence
    Danté Lawrence


  • Finlay WU
    Finlay WU

    17th on trending cool

  • Marty mailbox
    Marty mailbox

    Capitalism really brings out the evil in people. I’m disgusted with America

  • samstung9110

    papa bless ethan and hila thru this hard time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Just here Chillin
    Just here Chillin

    My school was like “The Corona virus is just like the flu, the government is stupid.” -2 weeks later 2000 people die a day from it.

  • Poats

    It has been so long that the intro gave me nostalgia.

  • Mare Perisoare
    Mare Perisoare

    You nailed this video

  • cold_rain

    BARS 🔥😂

  • TheMouseTrap

    It took the C-Virus for NEathan to get off his lazy commiefornia AYUsss and make an h3h3 viddy..

  • failstar123


  • failstar123


  • failstar123


  • CuriousFrog

    ethan doesn't know what the word "indefinite" means or what deadpan humor is apparently <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="314">5:14</a>

  • Ree Plays
    Ree Plays

    Finally, some goodass old school h3h3

  • Tyler Rose
    Tyler Rose

    Finally he is back i’ve been watching all of his old videos because I miss them

  • Kevin Kull
    Kevin Kull

    Lol brits partying fuck the corona while being in top 5 most infected now.What an irony

  • Apollumi Gaming
    Apollumi Gaming

    h3 is trash

  • Pope Francis
    Pope Francis

    He needed more money so he made a video

  • Dylan Taylor
    Dylan Taylor

    The blonde chick looks like a puffy Riley reid lmao <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="263">4:23</a>

  • Gavin Howe
    Gavin Howe

    Yo, what's up wit that fit in the Sami wipe vid? Wherd you get the cubes, the g cubes, spiral cubes? Is that some be tedyfresh shut?

  • Hailee None
    Hailee None

    That preacher looks like he's already embalmed

  • Ramiro Obeso
    Ramiro Obeso

    I missed you guys

  • yee boy
    yee boy

    i put condoms on my rectal thermometer

  • Edubbs

    Yeah it only effects old people I don’t care

  • Kevin Jasica
    Kevin Jasica

    It's fine... but it's missing that edge, that freshness that h3 had at their start.

  • sebrueb pugh
    sebrueb pugh

    No offence but this video isnt good

  • John John
    John John

    Lol this video had the potential to get 20+ views if it had “lesbians, leasbians leasbians” in the Title.


    No fucking way!!!!! HES BACK

  • 4Kandlez

    If that preacher guy sets foot in a real church, he'd probably burst into flames.

  • TheGoldenCummies

    (Pr*ditors, drama, underage FRsoftrs being exploited for views) *H3H3:doesn’t make vids (Mass trending COVID aka easy views and clicks) *H3H3: welp lets make a vid for the first time in 9 months because we “care”. Like I get it y’all launched a brand,a podcast, and a baby but dude smaller channels have the same shit and more going on and still give a shit enough to post. It’s crystal fucking clear this means nothing but money to y’all. Love y’all but damn y’all have changed. Like where were y’all for Repzion and all the youtubers getting false flagged (LIKE Y’ALL DID BY THAT PARKOUR TURD) by Onision??? Why aren’t you helping Repzion while he’s being sued by Onision??? Why don’t y’all care when this shit happens to others and not just yourselves? What happened to FUPA?

  • R Task
    R Task

    I appreciate that h3h3 makes fun of the over reactors and the under reactor.

  • HunterWick

    not gonna lie the rap kinda slaps

  • Victor Giaquinto
    Victor Giaquinto


  • Qxcvy _
    Qxcvy _

    Been a while

  • Ethan W
    Ethan W

    Love you guys! Keep up the good work Ethan. : ) great moves etc. .... MASSIVE fan of your goofy ass.

  • Aya Peach
    Aya Peach

    lmaooo when he coughed and danced im deaaaaaaaad how ppl be

  • Roland Hilborn
    Roland Hilborn

    It’s been so long

  • Shyla Jones
    Shyla Jones

    I had to unsub. Your guys' content used to be funny but now I just find it hateful or annoying and repetitive. The Jared Leto video was also just boring and felt mean. I wish this channel was still funny cos I used to love it. Still wish you all well.. but bye!!!

  • vanrulzok 1
    vanrulzok 1


  • Naval


  • N M
    N M

    The real coronavirus. Listen to the truth - @WbjY

  • writingthefuture [Sunny]
    writingthefuture [Sunny]

    Disney World is closed now, luckily. They should've closed sooner, especially when Disneyland in California did. I think a lot of people in Florida (also other places that have parties, spring break events, etc) just want to get the coronavirus out of boredom lol..

  • Kyle Counter
    Kyle Counter

    Finally an h3h3 productions upload its been a while

  • JustADude

    oooohhhhh boomer mad

  • Ohh Chejoo
    Ohh Chejoo

    Ethan called capitalism greedy and shit but made all his money thanks to capitalism

  • AyeItsMeTony


  • Rohan Patel
    Rohan Patel

    FINALLY 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽, PAPA BLESS

  • Lucas Macedo
    Lucas Macedo

    the bat stuff is fake ethan, shouldnt have that shit in ur video

  • Nonuser23 1
    Nonuser23 1

    Time to bring back the "Get a load of this society"

  • B

    Gotta wait another year until another mediocre h3h3 video gets uploaded

  • Ameliorate Gibberish
    Ameliorate Gibberish


  • Jacko

    I hope that these people do realize that it's not just old people and adults with immune deficiencies. As a child with an immune deficiency, I am forbidden from going outside period. I had a Make-A-Wish trip planned. I should be in California right now, having so much fun, but I'm stuck inside, on my computer, editing FRsoft videos. The amount of pain it brings to me to see these entitled people enjoying their spring break is unbearable.

  • Russet Burbanks
    Russet Burbanks

    Welcome back h3h3! Holy cow man some good content.

  • what ?i¿!
    what ?i¿!


  • Kyle Miller
    Kyle Miller

    As a Nashvillian, most of those are tourist! Just FYI! Most people on Broadway wearing cowboy hats/boots are tourist.

  • Jakob Rosman
    Jakob Rosman

    Lot of these dumb people already made amends or at least tried to and or punished, like two weeks ago. Either way, the hatchet has been buried.

  • Theodore 2die4
    Theodore 2die4

    Go give some of it to charities!! Sell it but donate donate donate<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="506">8:26</a> the moment he realizes his mask came off ! Next someone please rip the family man shirt off this imposter

  • James McKinnon
    James McKinnon

    i used to get mad when people thought hila was boring but DAMN hila, you have no personality oof

  • Collin Cook
    Collin Cook

    swear to god the blonde girl at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="260">4:20</a> is on pornhub

  • DNEE72

    First vid in 9 months, tf?

  • Ismail Abdul Aziz
    Ismail Abdul Aziz

    Please record more videos y’all get me though some dark times with a good laugh love y’all videos

  • not me
    not me

    Mmmmm... This Classic H3 goes down smooth... I almost forgot what it was like 😌

  • 「 error 」
    「 error 」

    papa bless

  • lucky clown car hobos union
    lucky clown car hobos union

    we’re out of lube

  • Blue Fantasy
    Blue Fantasy


  • Grappler senpai
    Grappler senpai

    Wait... h3h3 is back? So all we had to do was b-y all the t**let paper?

  • ace boogie
    ace boogie

    Ethan make more raps keep ballin with that purell and tp 😂😂😂

  • Kell Lizc
    Kell Lizc

    Oh my god I’ve had this tab open for hours and I’ve read it as Mormons every single time

  • Wyatt Thompson
    Wyatt Thompson

    Is this supposed to be funny