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  • Sadria Moore
    Sadria Moore

    You guy should make merch with that photo when josh had his fight

  • Serenity Amos
    Serenity Amos

    Omg I fell for it I was crying well you guys got me

  • Tazzzee


  • Sophia Greig
    Sophia Greig

    U guys should do a house tour?

  • Sophia Greig
    Sophia Greig

    I’m so happy for u guys ❤️❤️

  • Jadan Christensen
    Jadan Christensen

    Remember when they first just hit 1M in like October?

  • Zahraa Alramadan
    Zahraa Alramadan

    Josh having a red nose : corona virus

  • BlackMamba24831 KB
    BlackMamba24831 KB

    Yo if you guys have a kid you should name it jatie 😱😱😱that would be coool who agrees😁

  • Stephanie McAlpine
    Stephanie McAlpine

    Above your Bed

  • Lucia Friedman
    Lucia Friedman

    You should put the picture near the closet

  • Papaya Films
    Papaya Films

    Mr Kate please

  • Simon Kiflom
    Simon Kiflom

    I’m not gonna lie it’s a bad time to buy a house. If the recession proceeds then your house is gonna be half the value of what you brought it for in 18-24 months. However, congratulations it’s a very nice house.

  • Lexi Meyers
    Lexi Meyers

    You should use the extra room into a gym

  • Sadie Hall
    Sadie Hall

    I am actually so confused, first they break up, then they get back together, then they move in together???

  • Daisy

    I have been searching on amazon, and cannot find myself a Josh. Please send me the customisation link you used to find him 😂💕💕💕💕 love you guys sm

  • Leah LoSasso
    Leah LoSasso

    Congratulations Josh and Katie I’m so happy for you both!!!!!

  • Brave Gem
    Brave Gem


  • Mia Best
    Mia Best

    You have to do a video of your house organizer Like how you you guys going to decorate the house

  • Miran Miran
    Miran Miran

    Are you guys foling your subscribers what is happening guys jaite vlogs.?

  • Riker Johnson
    Riker Johnson

    R.i.p bed

  • Alice Orbell
    Alice Orbell

    i got soo scared i thought you guys broke up on that last video and i was just watching it the i went onto ur channel and then OMG u did brake up!! love u guys

  • Nicole Weber
    Nicole Weber

    Are you going to sell the pink and white water jugs again?

  • Emma Duchateau
    Emma Duchateau

    No one: Literally nobody: Josh and Katie: Let’s move in together even if there’s the Corona virus 🦠

  • Tatiana Ives
    Tatiana Ives

    Congrats ❤️❤️❤️

  • Tatiana Ives
    Tatiana Ives

    I love you guys so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Joshabel Sierra
    Joshabel Sierra

    When they said the were breaking up I was crying cause they are my favorite couple but now that I found out it is a prank I am unsubscribing cause they played with my emotions

    • Joshabel Sierra
      Joshabel Sierra


  • Melody

    OMG perfect couple! you guys are so adorable together, love the house, couple goals.


    Weren’t they taking a break

    • Charlie H
      Charlie H

      nope it was a prank

  • Isamar

    Do any of these youtube girls get married first? They just become this experiment so the guy can kick them the curve when they're done.

  • Winner Chicken Dinner
    Winner Chicken Dinner

    Put your pic in your room on top of bed

  • Winner Chicken Dinner
    Winner Chicken Dinner

    Can i have shoutout

  • Destiny Fairhurat
    Destiny Fairhurat


  • KingHarley

    I’m so happy for you well done

  • Felix Charlesworth
    Felix Charlesworth

    I was so scared that you guys did break up I nearly cried 😭😅

  • Winnue Hejdhd
    Winnue Hejdhd

    Yalll leave them alone

  • Soph_ia

    Maybe you should put the proposing picture on top of ur bed so every morning you wake up u remember it

  • Lucas VELEVSKI
    Lucas VELEVSKI

    So what the fuck happened where they joking about breaking up could someone tell me plz 🤷‍♀️

  • K'dence Slightom
    K'dence Slightom

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="452">7:32</a> put it on you closet door

  • K'dence Slightom
    K'dence Slightom

    Josh: Grinding over this bed Me: Wait...

  • Isobrim Plays
    Isobrim Plays

    So there was no point in making your clickbait breakup video then...

  • Flame Boy
    Flame Boy

    Didnt they break up?

  • Maddison Wolfe
    Maddison Wolfe

    I love how they post a lot like thank you Jatie❤️

  • T-steady16

    house tour soon?

  • Jamire Curtis
    Jamire Curtis

    My sisters name is Tatiana

  • JallyCat Warrior
    JallyCat Warrior

    I love how you named your TV Tatianna 😂😂😂 I love it so much!!

  • VscoGirl_AndIOOP

    Like didnt you guys just make a video that said you guys are breaking up and not moving in together like OMG

  • Jupiter Playz
    Jupiter Playz

    Put the picture above your bed

  • Grace Moore
    Grace Moore

    @jatievlogs Put the picture above your bed and frame it with your youtube plaques

  • Gracyn Catalanotto
    Gracyn Catalanotto

    wait did they break up or not??

  • Francesca V
    Francesca V

    Is it just me or did he say walking closet instead if walk-in closet

  • Rai Rainbow
    Rai Rainbow

    People here before 100k👉❤

  • Benjamin Kim
    Benjamin Kim

    they moved in a day after they said they weren’t going to lol. Glad it was a prank tho

  • Savannah Lee
    Savannah Lee

    Tf is this shit

  • Moke Muhsin
    Moke Muhsin

    We broke up next day were moving in together in a new house


    Didn’t you break up wtf

  • Azana Irotumhe
    Azana Irotumhe

    U should put the picture above ur bed it wiil look good too

  • Mattie Ruehrmund
    Mattie Ruehrmund

    I don’t know if the break up thing was a prank or not but I still think is some bs that they made that video then the next one they post is them being all happy and moving into a house... now they’re talking about having a kid??? So confused.

  • Hamid Vahidi
    Hamid Vahidi

    Those ads omfg...

  • Islam Hammachi - Topic
    Islam Hammachi - Topic

    Who give a fuck

  • Rouen & Kaylee
    Rouen & Kaylee

    i’ve been subscribed to #jatie for a little over a year & i really want an iphone 11! i would love it :)

  • Miracle Goff
    Miracle Goff

    Josh it’s not called timeline it’s called montage

  • hsmile12

    didn't you break up like yesterday

  • Vloging With Giada
    Vloging With Giada

    The picture should go in your room

  • Township play Let’s go
    Township play Let’s go

    Hi I just got my FRsoft channel and the first thing I did was subscribe to you and like all of your videos because I love you guys so much and you always make my day!🤩

  • emma

    out the proposal picture in the living room so everybody sees it or just somewhere everybody will see it in general l lol

  • Oh Coco
    Oh Coco

    I love your new intro omg!

  • Pascha Entertainment
    Pascha Entertainment

    49 ON TRENDING!!!!

  • Rhea Arthur
    Rhea Arthur

    Katie I like your makeup

  • isabellaaa

    people new to the channel: “we broke up” “we’re sorry” “MOVING IN TOGETHER”

  • Shanae Bakes
    Shanae Bakes

    When you got the same vacuum but no one cares even u 🤭

  • Nick Loomis
    Nick Loomis

    Damn that breakup didn’t last for shit y’all are garbage

  • Emily Paige Buck
    Emily Paige Buck

    U can make a like Jatie wall with pictures of y’all through the years

  • lemoni ruttens
    lemoni ruttens

    Okej sooo no one is gonna talk ab the break up vid ?

  • Fay Berry
    Fay Berry

    Katie u should do a prank on josh wearing some tight clothes to see what he says then say r u calling me fat

  • Patrick Crawford
    Patrick Crawford

    Can u guys post everyday

  • kira williams
    kira williams

    the engagement photo should go above the bed in the middle !

  • Jonathan Luna
    Jonathan Luna


  • IM_ agine
    IM_ agine

    You guys are a piece of feces

  • Wopp


  • Adriana Umana
    Adriana Umana

    Can y’all get a puppy