Why CHELSEA Buying Hakim Ziyech For £36m Is INCREDIBLE Business !
In today's Chelsea News Video,
I talk about Chelsea's acquisition of Moroccan Ajax winger Hakim Ziyech. Next Summer will see Ziyech join up with Frank Lampard and the blues at Stamford Bridge, and they have secured the 26 year old for just £36m, which is incredible business considering his numbers.
The future is bright for CFC.
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  • Football Therapy
    Football Therapy

    Just could not stop myself from making this video for you guys! Thank you for all the nice messages!

    • Voice of Reason
      Voice of Reason

      @Ty Hunt3r 😂

    • Benon Ano
      Benon Ano

      You brought it to us first big up!

    • Joy Bikranth
      Joy Bikranth

      Congratulations on your achievement brother :) Keep up with your good content and wish you speedy recovery cheers mate:)

    • rico medz
      rico medz

      What do you think about Alexander isak as competition for tammy

    • Duane McPherson
      Duane McPherson

      The show must go on. Thanks 🙏🏾 Yan!

  • A R
    A R

    Now with Ziyech...who fits better with our roster next year? Werner or Sancho?

  • Semicolon Simo
    Semicolon Simo

    you're the first i've seen to pronounce his name right !

  • Yes That
    Yes That

    you are welcome

  • RK's Lounge
    RK's Lounge

    Can't wait for Peter Druary to scream: "Ziyeccccchhhhhh...." when he pengs one in from 40 yards with his left foot.

  • Carlos Moret
    Carlos Moret

    Its not good business Ajax made a deal with Ziyech that if a club came he was interested inbAjax would sell him for a low fee

  • mChannel

    Urgent alert: City is banned for 2 years !!

  • archith gudihal
    archith gudihal

    Crossing from Reece and Hakim from the right and pure dribbling from pulisic or odoi at the left That's amazing but could it bring a bit of imbalance in terms of formation??

  • Ashif Khan
    Ashif Khan

    I like your videos dude. You sound good

  • Mark Greenhowe
    Mark Greenhowe

    This, I am amazingly chuffed at this signing.... been wanting this to happen for what seems likes ages but yaaaaas! Here we go KTBFFH💙

  • Olle Lange
    Olle Lange

    Zyiech averages 2.6 tackles and interceptions per game in the Champions League this season more than kante azpilicueta Willian and Hudson odoi doesn’t do much defending at all (7:30)

  • Siddharth gulati
    Siddharth gulati

    Man I've been waiting for your video but gotten here late...btw great video and take care of your toncils .

  • DavyCrockett888

    Ajax deserved to be in UCL final - before that disaster last match with Tottenham - I thought they had a good chance to win it.

  • xcv asa
    xcv asa

    Too expensive. Overrated

  • Marley Vuitton
    Marley Vuitton

    Always sick.. You may have to test for Corona virus

  • Stormzzz

    . Tammy Pulisic RLC Ziyech Kova Kante Mount rotating with RLC CHO with Pulisic And Jorginho with Kovacic Thats pretty scary

  • lil sean jr
    lil sean jr

    Since day one~ish🔥...Bless up Yan🤟🏽

  • 观察者

    Yan's love for Sancho though. I hope you get him eventually.

  • Pairi Saini
    Pairi Saini

    Is this a Chelsea channel? I will follow

  • Jafter Sikwa
    Jafter Sikwa

    I don't believe in this "Hardest league" thing, yes EPL is tough, but when a player is that good, they always make it, remember David Silver, Bernardo Silva, Mahrez? All those players people doubted them and thought the league will too physical for them, better name, Juan Mata, came to EPL through Chelsea and killed it!! It's all in the player's ability, confidence, believing in your style and good mentality....

  • netweed09

    Envelope under the table deal again by R0man FC

  • Allard Biggenvanger
    Allard Biggenvanger

    If Chelsea is smart they also get Promes. Ziyech and Promes have a perfect understanding with eachother on the pitch.

  • Bhavishya Yadav
    Bhavishya Yadav

    I am buying a Hakim Ziyech jersey for sure

  • Deeko 5574
    Deeko 5574

    40,000!!! Well done!

  • Daniel Mukuka
    Daniel Mukuka

    corona virus hehehe

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith

    Great work producing an interesting video when you don't feel good


    Would love to get sancho and if we did it would be great but if we signed Boga, Dembélé from Lyon, telles and possibly Onana that would be amazing


    Great video

  • Neo Ren Jie
    Neo Ren Jie

    I see Ziyech as an inside forward on the right. Since James is already providing the width and crossing threat. No 10 should be someone that can operate in tight spaces, quick thinking, always making runs, draws defenders to him and playing those clever little flicks to make space for teammates. Perhaps Pulisic. Left side we could have Hudson Odoi, his crosses are pretty good.

  • Super Frank
    Super Frank

    Do we need to sign boga or sancho?

  • Super Frank
    Super Frank

    Let's sign sancho and sell willian

  • Clinton Davis
    Clinton Davis

    I agree with you. I think he’d be best in the CAM. I think he’d try to play up-and-back on the wing, ... but I think his offensive contribution would suffer, and he’d be less effective both on offense and defense by the end of the game. But, ... we will see. I like the creativity in this player. You’ve hit all the highlights of his abilities. Great job with your analysis. Just hope it all comes together for the team.

  • Smokyy Bacon
    Smokyy Bacon

    Absolutely buzzing and think hed do best as a number 10, only ever thought I'd see this signing on FIFA not real life especially for 36 mil what a steal for such a player 👌now we just need to replace kepa

  • Xandy Dembinski
    Xandy Dembinski

    your a bossman

  • Ade BiH
    Ade BiH

    Boga, left back, gk, second striker, and we could be competitive for the title sell barkley, pedro, emerson

  • Abu Merkage
    Abu Merkage

    You got the corona virus 💀

  • jeFF Fury
    jeFF Fury

    "The opposition is very very high octane, fit and they will press you and close down..." Yeah, just like those teams who park the double decker bus against us and have only one interest - to catch us on counter. He'll be fine, worry not as for his stats, he cracks a goal contribution pretty much every game, that's even more than Hazard in his last season with us! This lad will be FIRE

  • kadane hamil
    kadane hamil

    You the man ;)

  • Leandro Hackradt
    Leandro Hackradt

    Man, Im so happy for that. Ziyech is amazing.

  • Jesse Q
    Jesse Q

    Ziyech does track back mate

  • Deep Stuff
    Deep Stuff

    You have earned it dude💙

  • Nathanael Hanafey
    Nathanael Hanafey

    I swear my man is always sick?😭

  • Ajayi Ifeoluwa
    Ajayi Ifeoluwa

    Would you quit it with this Sancho kid

  • Colin Davis
    Colin Davis

    brilliant news re Ziyech and fantastic news re breaking the 40k mark. Get well soon

  • Lucas Bolt
    Lucas Bolt

    This deal was pure theft

  • Jesse Faul
    Jesse Faul

    Keep up the good work yannick

  • Laz01 Gr
    Laz01 Gr

    Since he’s consistent for so long he wont flop for sure

  • Alvin .K. Sindowe
    Alvin .K. Sindowe

    not buzzing dont know how he will play but for that price tag he has nothing to weigh him down

  • Ayden Ashraff
    Ayden Ashraff

    Sign ziyech in fifa 20 career mode please

  • duncN vizla
    duncN vizla

    Some idiots who don't watch football should know in most of the matches jadon sancho play as right winger the problem with those idiots is that they look in some football app and see him as lw so they think he can only play lw atleast stop comparing ziyech and sancho especially when it comes to lw

  • gafar bey
    gafar bey

    50k subs next!!

  • Martin Yeboah
    Martin Yeboah

    I can see both Pedro & Willian leaving at the end of season. Marina does it again as usual pure bargain. Next Werner or Dembele & Telles

  • Eric Reinhoz
    Eric Reinhoz

    Sorry to say that i think he will be a flop

  • Robert Cornelius
    Robert Cornelius

    I see him being a bit like Dimitri Payet, but with more swagger 🇲🇦 brap brap

  • youngno sleep
    youngno sleep

    COLD SHOWERS BRO , trust me it works

  • Sam. S
    Sam. S

    Congrats mate, get well

  • Derek Gaffney
    Derek Gaffney

    Great signing hope we get Sancho and boga come on Chelsea super Chelsea 🇮🇪

  • Richard Tobar
    Richard Tobar

    The channel reaches 40k and Chelsea makes a signing.... what a lovely day. Congratulations for you both #KTBFFH

  • Gabe pastel
    Gabe pastel

    I have no doubt he'll turn out to be the buy of the season

  • Ghetto Aquatics
    Ghetto Aquatics

    Over the moon with this signing! Just got to get the Boga deal done now